Turnkey packages are a perfect alternative to the stresses that can come with purchasing a house and land package. But what exactly is a ‘turnkey’ package? Read on to find out why it is an option you should be considering.

It handles the little things

Turnkey packages are especially unique to house and land packages in that once the home is completed, you can quite literally ‘turn the key’ (hence the name) to your new home and move straight in with no further work or extra inclusions required. This means landscaping, driveways, fencing, heating and cooling, sites costs, floor coverings and a whole lot more are already taken care of. Easy as that!

The perfect match

One of the most popular ways to purchase and build your new home is to find a block of land, then peruse a long list of builders and their respective floorplans to find the perfect fit. With turnkey packages, the developer and builder work together to do that for you. They find the perfect floorplan to suit block orientation, fit with design guidelines and ensure that all connections and services are already taken care of. 

A smoother process

With land and the construction phases of the transaction under one roof, you will have a much smoother run from settlement to the beginning of construction which saves you time, money and the possibility of any issues with the developer, builder or council. 

Turnkey packages are perfect for wherever you are in your buying journey whether it be first home buyer, investor and everything in between. At Thornhill Park we have a selection of turnkey packages available – learn more about them here

To learn more about turnkey packages or to find out how you can get into one, don’t hesitate to call our friendly sales consultant on 0432 288 480 or by emailing mxanthos@welcogroup.com.au.

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