Making your House a Home: Feature Side Tables

One of the many benefits of owning your own home is the pleasure of furnishing and decorating it exactly how you like, with your taste and style.

They may not be the centrepiece of a room compared to a sofa or a bed, but side tables are a beautiful and useful addition to any room. Not only are they decorative, but they can also be practical, providing a place for your coffee mug as you relax on the couch or a space to use as storage.

We’ve listed a variety of side table styles, to inspire you as you settle into your new home.


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Contemporary side tables combine practicality with simplistic design. A table that features soft and natural wood materials complements rooms with modern styling and matches with a variety of other furniture pieces. This makes for a versatile and easy-to-style addition to any room.


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The industrial look often features aged wood and galvanized metal, much like the contemporary style but more angular and often practical in design. Their simple design makes for a great choice, as they can be easily integrated into any room in your home.


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The characteristics of Scandinavian design lie in its simple features. Scandinavian design often uses natural materials and muted colour palettes, combining rustic and modern styles. This style of side tables provides a subtle addition to any room, making it easy to inject your own personality and style through decoration and accessories.


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Stylish and earthy, rustic side tables make a unique addition to your living space. Their rugged, natural beauty adds a unique presence and textural emphasis to your living spaces. These tables can be complemented by plants, textured rugs and cushions, and decor made from natural materials.

With Storage

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Beyond the design and aesthetic purposes, side tables can also have a practical function. Choosing one equipped with a drawer or cupboard can be ideal for bedrooms, or any room that requires extra storage. This feature further enhances the functionality by offering discreet storage solutions.

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