Road traffic noise can be a major problem in residential areas and Thornhill Park have chosen to address it head on. When development of any kind occurs, the impact of traffic noise on noise-sensitive areas such as residential dwellings, schools and libraries must be considered.

The construction of a modern, architecturally designed noise wall, 2.2km in length and 8.5m high (12 metres in certain areas), will significantly reduce noise from the Western Highway. The Thornhill Park wall has been designed to not only reduce noise, but to protect the privacy of residents. The wall comprises of around 1200 tonnes of steel with weathering steel clad acoustic fencing and red and blue acrylic feature panels. Construction commenced in December 2016 and is expected to finish in October 2017.

The carefully planned and integrated design of the wall provides residents with reduced traffic sound, environmental consideration and security. The immediate access to the Western Freeway will not be effected.

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