The accessibility of Thornhill Park is about to get even better with a $518 million upgrade to the Ballarat Line promised in the 2016-17 State Budget. This will increase the frequency of services for the Ballarat region and Melbourne’s booming outer west, resulting in a more hassle free train experience.

Included in the Ballarat Line Upgrade is a major facelift for the Rockbank Station. Rockbank’s existing platforms will be extended and a sealed car park will also be built. The extension of the platforms will enable passengers to use any carriage to get on or off the train. Planned pedestrian links between platforms and removal of level crossings will also make travel safer for the commuter and motorists alike.
The upgrade also permits two extra services in the morning and afternoon peak.
The construction of passing loops will create alternate ways for trains to pass each other which, in turn, assists services in recovering from unexpected delays, improving reliability and punctuality.

The Ballarat Line Upgrade will see Victorian commuters travel safer, quicker and easier to and from school and work. Even better? There are no delays anticipated as a result of the current works, although some replacement buses are expected for the broader Ballarat line upgrade.

The Ballarat Line Upgrade paves the way for future electrification of the line to Melton.

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