Do you ever feel like you are meant to be doing great things in this world? Do you have a heavy sense of treading through without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel?

Anxiety and depression can move through you in shuddering big waves, but the less manageable moments are those where the feelings are less invasive. That creeping feeling of sadness or the sporadic inaction that turns into something a little more. Mental health is not always obvious, and even when it is; its still mostly ignored. People may lament that they are only sad sometimes, however there is no qualifying spectrum or prerequisite that you need to have before you can talk to someone.

The construction Industry heavily focuses on physical health and safety which is a pretty interesting juxtaposition when viewed next to mental health statistics which suggests that the rate of suicide amongst tradesmen are more than double the rate of individuals outside of the industry.

To put numbers into the equation, that’s approximately 53% in construction are more likely to die by suicide than men in regular jobs.

There is no criteria for seeking help, all problems, both big and small are just that; problems. The same issue could flood you one day and not even phase you the next, that is the ebb and flow of emotions and the rights to be a human. Emotions: it is the greatest gift we have, as well as the hardest to manage.

Until the end of this month, the Winslow’s ‘The Big Blue’ excavator will be working on our Thornhill Park development [ Thornhill Park, Wiltshire Boulevard and, Mount Cottrell Rd, Thornhill Park VIC 3335 ]. The Big Blue was born to raise awareness for mental health within the civil construction industry across Victoria; facilitating the safe space for those tough conversations to happen and further to act as an anchor point to give strength to those affected knowing that they are not alone.

We are a tight knit family here at Welsh Group, we operate big but interact close and strong.

We want to illuminate the importance on acting upon heart centred leadership within professional enterprises; specifically, the construction industry. When operating with heart centred integrity, we are able to lead with full strength support as a whole impenetrable unit; this sweet spot is where the magic happens. When we give people the power and understanding that being vulnerable takes great courage and strength; we allow free flowing conversation. Just like most things in life, taking the first step to action is usually the hardest part.

For more information about the Big Blue have a look at this video by Winslow


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