Looking back on construction in the month of February, its been a hot and busy month.

We’re please to announce that Stage 13 has now passed council inspection, and we are in the final stages of compliance before titles are issued within the coming weeks.

Stage 14 is also progressing well, with civil works nearing completion and titles expected in April.

If you follow our social channels, you may have seen an update on our wetlands on Thursday 28th February. Whilst our wetlands were completed last month, unfortunately due to the above average temperatures, there were difficulties in establishing the grassed areas to a green and lush park as planned. Until we are able to fully establish these areas, the decision has been made to keep this area closed off to the public, whilst we work hard to water and nourish these areas. This will allow us to facilitate optimal growth so we can launch a wetlands that our community is proud of.

With the imminent opening of the wetlands, we want our community and get them involved in helping us name this new and exciting wetlands. If you have an idea, send it through to communityrelations@thornhillpark.com.au – we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to checkout our progress images below!

Title Updates:

Stage 13 – April 2019

Stage 14 – April 2019

Stage 15 – Second Quarter 2019

Stage 16 – Second Quarter 2019

Stage 17 – Second Quarter 2019

Stage 18 – Second Quarter 2019

Stage 21 – Second Quarter 2019

Stage 22 – Third Quarter 2019

Stage 23 – Third Quarter 2019

Stage 24 – Third Quarter 2019

Stage 25 – Third Quarter 2019

Stage 26 – Fourth Quarter 2019

Stage 27 – First Quarter 2020

Stage 29 – Fourth Quarter 2019

Stage 30 – Fourth Quarter 2019

Stage 31 – First Quarter 2020

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