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As Spring continues to provide us with warmer weather and longer days, we have seen our parks and wetlands come to life. The Thornhill Park wetland has taken on a deep green hue, a strong indication of a healthy ecosystem. Our water-based plants are thriving, and our family of ducks are often spotted in the ponds. Thornhill Park is ready to be explored.

Civil construction on our second nine hectare wetland and associated waterways adjacent to Stage 12 and 13 is nearing completion. With our first Wetland exceeding all expectations, we excitedly await landscaping to commence in the New Year. Our vision comes to life!

Statement of Compliance on Stage 21 and 22 are anticipated this month which will result in hundreds of additional lots ready for titles over Christmas and the New Year. As we approach compliance on each of these Stages, we will keep in close contact with all purchasers to ensure as much notice as possible.

Paynes Road has been a great success in providing additional safe access options to the Western Freeway. These major infrastructure upgrades continue to fulfill our vision for a safe and connected community.

Stage 24 Purchasers! Earthworks construction on the waterway adjacent to your future homes has commenced, prepare to see this rapidly take shape over the next few months.

Here is an overview timeline (updated as per 17/12/2019)

Stage 23 – Expected to Title April 2020

Stage 24 – Expected to Title April 2020

Stage 25 – Expected to Title June 2020

Stage 26 – Expected to Title June 2020

Stage 27 – Expected to Title August 2020

Stage 29 – Expected to Title August 2020

Stage 30 – Expected to Title September 2020

Stage 31 – Expected to Title October 2020

For more information on our construction process, check out our 7-phase timeline.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact: Charmaine 0439 444 238

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