Long before you chose your block at Thornhill Park, there have been many years of planning by the Welsh Group together with their consultants’ team, the Melton City Council, the Metropolitan Planning Authority (formerly the Growth Areas Authority) and infrastructure providers, such as Western Water and Powercor Australia, to ensure that we deliver a community that not only will you enjoy living in, but also complies with all regulatory and statutory requirements.

Once all the relevant approvals are received, construction commences. This is the same for every stage within the development. Thornhill Park’s development team then manage the team of consultants and contractors who facilitate the construction of each state according to stringent standards.

Those involved include:

  • Civil engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Environmental engineer
  • Water and sewerage authority
  • Electricity and gas authority
  • Cultural and heritage consultant
  • Landscape architect
  • Fibre to the home provider
  • Civil contractor

We prepare a health and safety management policy to ensure everyone who comes to work, goes home from work, as well as a site environmental management policy to help minimise the impact of construction activity on the environment.

Once the stage works have been completed, the surveyor submits a Plan of Subdivision to the Melton City Council for certification.

The Council will then request that all authorities such as power, water and sewerage and OptiComm (providers of fibre to the home) provide their approval to release the stage to the Land Titles office.

The next step is that the Melton City Council will issue a Statement of Compliance. A statement of compliance enables a council to ensure compliance with any agreements and conditions placed on any planning permit relating to public works and open space provision. The council will also provide a Certified Plan of Subdivision to the surveyor.

The surveyor then provides the Statement of Compliance and the Certified Plan of Subdivision to Thornhill Park’s legal representative, who submits these documents to the Victorian Land Titles office registration. A land title is an official record of who owns a piece of land. It can also include information about mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.

Once the Land Titles office registers the individual titles, the surveyor is notified and then contacts Thornhill Park’s legal representative that the land has been registered. Each individual title has its own Volume and Folio number to distinguish it from the others.

Thornhill Park’s legal representative will then advise your conveyancer or lawyer within two business days of the settlement date.

While this can be a lengthy process that requires a bit of patience, it’s all worth the wait for us to get things right and ready for you to build your new home.

For more information, register your interest on our website or email: enquiries@thornhillpark.com.au

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