Flipping through expensive interior design magazines.

Trial and error.

Simply crossing your fingers and hoping your ideas will work (and turning a blind eye for years, if they don’t).

These are no longer the ways in which you’re forced to design and decorate a blank space when building your new home. Whether you want to find that perfect wall colour, double-check if your favourite armchair will fit or locate the softest light, there’s always an app for that!

Here are some handy interior design apps that will help you create results like a professional interior designer.

Homestyler – This app helps you to design and visualise your new home in 3D. You can see if furniture will fit properly, play around with thousands of decorating items to find the mix that suits your style and even take inspiration from spaces that other people within the Homestyler community are creating.

Pinterest – Thought Pinterest was only for collecting recipes and wedding planning? Think again! It’s one of the most user-friendly apps out there for gathering and sorting home inspiration from all across the internet. We love that you can create private visual mood boards for each room or project and share them with your friends and family for advice.

RoomScan Pro – Get an accurate house plan at your fingertips simply by scanning the floor, touching your phone to the walls or even by integrating a laser measure with this app. You’ll be left with an interactive digital version of your floorplan to help you figure out where furniture, fittings and fixtures could or should go. It will also work in your backyard. If you’re using an Android device try Planner 5D instead.

Sunseeker – Figuring out which path the sun will take throughout the year, during different times of the day and according to your particular location helps you to figure out where you might want more or less light in your home. By helping you to decide where you should plant shady or deciduous trees, add windows or skylights, it could even save you thousands on heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer! The Sun Seeker app removes the guesswork to give you in-depth info via compass and GPS tools. (Android / Apple)

WallARy – Figuring out the most eye-catching layouts in which to hang your artworks and treasured pictures can be a hassle. WallARy allows you to see what art will look like on the wall well before you ever need to pick up a hammer. No more pesky random nail holes! It also lets you try out different frame styles and colours.

Pigments – One of the most fun – and often equally frustrating – parts of building a new home is choosing the paint and other colours. Not all of us are blessed with innate artistic flair: that’s where Pigments comes in. The app generates simple, harmonious colour schemes that you can tweak to your exact tastes, save and share. One brilliant feature is that it can also simulate what the colours will look like to any colour blind residents in your home. Try Pocket Palette if using Apple devices.

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