With Spring brings comes flourishing gardens and fresh produce. Stephanie and David Munroe combined both elements in the creation of their fully edible front garden. Stephanie and David settled into their new home at Thornhill Park in June 2018, after previously living in Geelong. We recently spoke with them, to learn about the inspiration behind their edible front garden and pick up any gardening tips they may have, as we continue into spring.

What was the inspiration behind your edible front garden?

We wanted a garden that was both aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and useful. It was our aim to create a space that encompassed the ability to use some of the produce that we have in the garden.

How long did the edible garden take to create?

The longest part of the process was planning for the edible garden. We went through Leaf, Root and Fruit Landscaping, who specialise in edible gardens and permaculture. They were extremely helpful and supportive during the design process, even though it was an unusual project for them – they usually deal with larger garden projects. We started planning 3 months before getting the landscapers in to execute it.

How would you say planting your own edible garden fares, in terms of value for money?

We’re still unsure of how the edible garden will fare in a financial sense, since we’ve only had it for such a short time and haven’t yet experienced a harvest. We do however, feel the satisfaction of growing our own fresh produce surpasses the monetary value.

What are some of your top tips for preparing a fruitful edible garden for Spring?

We would recommend mulching well, feeding regularly and providing good soil as a starting base, as well as watering daily while the plants are establishing.

What plants/vegetables/fruits/herbs do you have growing in your edible garden?

We have a lot! On top of the usual vegetables you’d find in most veggie patches, we also have raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, lavender, rhubarb, lemon, white currant, native violets, calendula, gooseberry, nectarines, Vietnamese mint, persimmon, comfrey, sage, rosemary, yarrow, chives, grape, perpetual spinach, chamomile, oregano, as well as a huge variety of flowers. We bought everything through our landscaper, Leaf, Root and Fruit. They recommended which plants would flourish best in our garden, as well as allowed us to select the one’s we would like to grow.

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