Thornhill Park residents can expect a centralised landscape parkland and accompanying walking trails along with local community centres. The Thornhill Park community will also be defined by integrated landscape design, which combines rustic river gum woodland style with dynamic urban character.

The vision for Thornhill Park, however, can only be truly be maintained with the cooperation of our residents by building homes that reflect this vision. This includes landscaping your new home to complement and enhance the overall character of Thornhill Park.

That’s why we encourage you to install and maintain your new home’s front landscaping within the timeframes outlined in the initial contract of sale. Check out our design guidelines to help you plan your design and select the right plants for your garden.

In the design guidelines, you’ll find sample layouts and plant lists that are suitable for three different themes: contemporary, classic and waterwise. The list of plants you can choose from are known for their compatibility and sustainability to the climate and geology of the area.

Eligible residents are also entitled to landscaping rebates. If a landscaping rebate was included in your land contract, you have 12 months from the date of settlement to complete your new build, with landscaping completed and approved within 6 months of obtaining certificate of occupancy, to be eligible for your rebate.

As per the contract of sale, residents applying for the rebate must also be the original purchaser of the land. If you have been nominated into your contract, you will not be eligible for your rebate.

For landscaping plans to be approved by the design review panel, please refer to our detailed design guidelines. These guidelines must be adhered to and failure to do so will result in review re submission of your request.

With Autumn looming, we’ve prepared a guide to help you with your planning. Check it out here. You can also check out our blog on residents Stephanie and David, who planted an edible garden here.

We look forward to seeing all of our residents flourishing gardens!

Estate Landscaping and Presentation


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