We’ve taken the hassle out of negotiating fencing preferences with your neighbours by organising the installation of boundary fencing to your block.


What do you need to do to receive free boundary fencing?

  1. Complete the construction of your home in full compliance with the planning and building controls within 12 months of land settlement.
  2. Provide the Thornhill Park Sales Team with your Certificate of Occupancy and request your fencing works to be completed.

Thornhill Park will then arrange for side and rear boundary fencing, constructed from capped and lapped vertical timber with exposed timber posts, to be installed. The fencing height will be a minimum of 1.80m and maximum of 1.95m.

By lodging your Certificate of Occupancy via the Thornhill Park fencing portal, you will receive an email confirming it has been received and within 30 days your fencing will be installed.

For security reasons, it may be worthwhile to accept handover of your home after the fencing has been installed. We suggest talking to your builder about issuing your Certificate of Occupancy as early as possible so as to ensure your fencing is installed prior to the building settlement.

You are required to install your own side fence/gate (return from fence to dwelling).

Fencing forward of the front dwelling facade is not permitted.

Full detail on the fencing requirements are set out in section 3.10 of the Thornhill Park Design Guidelines and also your Contract of Sale.


Submit your fencing application on the Community Portal here.

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