Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practise that attracts fortune through the specific placement of objects within a space. By implementing certain arrangements in places like your home, office or garden, it can affect various aspects of your life, with your journey as a homeowner in 2018 looking extremely prosperous. 2018 is said to be a good year for first-home buyers and investors to get into the market.

To get you started, we’ve compiled some simple feng shui tips you can apply to your new home in Thornhill Park:


Clearing Your Clutter

In creating feng shui, it’s essential to allow the flow of good energy (chi) throughout your home, as this will attract good health, prosperity and luck. Start this by decluttering your home. Clear items that may be tucked under the furniture, overloaded on bookshelves and overflowing in the closet. This is best done before you move into your new house, so you can start fresh in your new home.


Inviting Air and Light

Air and light are two elements vital to harnessing chi in your home. You can let them in by keeping your windows open and introducing air-purifying plants. Clean your mirrors and windows often to allow as much natural light as possible, and make use of a lamp and full-spectrum light to brighten dark spots in your home.


Strengthening Feng Shui Trinity

The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are called the feng shui trinity. These are the centres where a good feng shui anchors its main energy and depends on quality.

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. Introducing blue tones throughout your kitchen can balance the fire nature of this area in your home. Having fresh fruit is also said to bring abundance and good health.

In your bedroom, try to position your bed in a commanding position. This means you’re facing the door without being directly in line with it when you lie down. If it’s not possible, you can put a mirror in a place that lets you see the door’s reflection.

In bathrooms, you should always put the toilet seat down and close the door to reduce the effect of water being drained, as this stands for money fortune.

By arranging your home with the basic principles of feng shui, you’ll be able to balance and harmonise the energies that enter your life.

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