Going to the beach and enjoying backyard BBQs are all favourite summer pastimes, but as Australians welcome the heat of the summer season, it’s important to remain fire-ready and safe as the weather warms up.


We recently spoke to Shane Bailey, the Operations Officer at the Caroline Springs Fire Station, who gave us his advice to stay safe this fire season.


Move two streets back in the event of a grass fire

The freeway is a good man-made fire break and so is the acoustic wall which is a significant barrier to fire. However, if you do come across a grassfire, move two streets back.


Maintain your home

A well-maintained home is good for street appeal and to stay fire-safe.

  • Keep grasses cut and keep it watered – green grass doesn’t burn
  • Keep landscaping well-maintained and remove fuel loading around your home
  • Clean your gutters and consider gutter guards to prevent build-up of leaves


Observe Total Fire Ban Days

Understand what you’re allowed to do on total fire ban days by reading the Can I, Can’t I Brochure.


Stay informed

Follow the CFA Facebook page and download the Vic Emergency App available in iTunes and Google Play. These information portals will provide you with warnings in your area and will give you information if you need to act.


Know your local services
In the event of an emergency, dial 000.

For every event in Thornhill Park, there will be three fire brigades responding to an emergency: Rockbank Fire Brigade (operated by volunteers), Caroline Springs Fire Bridge and Melton Fire Brigade.

If you’d like to assist in protecting your community by joining a fire brigade, not just in an operational capacity but with admin opportunities also, contact your local fire brigade to discuss how you can get involved.


Other handy resources from the CFA Website:

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