Whilst it is true that it’s becoming more difficult for younger generations to enter the property market, the Great Australian Dream of owning your own home isn’t entirely out of reach.

Simon and Naomi are a couple, both in their mid 20s, and have just become the first residents to move into the neighbourhood at Thornhill Park.

“I’ve been saving for a house for a while,” said Simon. “I’ve always wanted to buy and build, and came across Thornhill Park.”

Originally living in Caroline Springs, the area was familiar to Simon and is close to his work as a Diesel Mechanic.

In December 2015, the then 24-year-old called his partner Naomi, who lived on the Mornington Peninsula at the time, to tell her the news.

“At first I felt like this wasn’t close to anything for me. But now that I’m here, I realise it’s not a huge commute to work, and it’s an hour and a half away from my family. It’s doable,” said Naomi, who works within the emergency services. “Being in our mid 20s, it’s time to start our own life.”

And so, the couple’s Great Australian Dream was realised with a house and land package by Homebuyers Centre.

Despite their excitement, Simon and Naomi expressed common sentiments mutually felt by many first home buyers or even first-time builders.

“We didn’t realise how much paperwork there was to get signed off; this took up the most time,” said Naomi. “You need to read up on things before you jump into them, and be aware if there are any hidden costs”.

Simon recommends documenting the process along the way. “Two years passed quickly,” he said. “Take plenty of photos.”

The couple, who described their move-in process as “pretty simple and stress free” thanks to planning and getting the “right people” to help on the day, are very happy with the layout of their light-filled home which fits in with their lifestyle.

“The gardening is low maintenance; everything is simple,” said Simon. “It’s the perfect first home.”

“We’re looking forward to starting a life together with more responsibility and independence,” said Naomi.

We congratulate Simon and Naomi on their achievement of buying their first home, and for being the first residents of Thornhill Park.

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