Green Exercise: Discover the Benefits!

Life is busy. For everyone. The juggle of working, managing family activities, being involved in the community, household chores and trying to find time for exercise. Something always has to give and for many, exercise is the easy one to drop off the list.

Green exercise might be the answer for you to tick off more than a few to-dos from your list. It involves taking your workout outdoors and exercising alongside nature, but it can also mean any type of movements like walking, riding, skating – anything that gets the blood pumping and heart beating!

Turns out scientists have known for years that there are many benefits to taking your workout outdoors – go figure! Improved immune function, lower blood pressure, a more restful night’s sleep and a general uplift in mood are just a few of the benefits of going green.

Looking for some ways to get green exercise into your life?

Plan a green family outing

Make a deal with your family to do a green exercise session every week, share around the ideas to give everyone a chance to plan the activity. Whether it’s a play in the park, a walk around your community or a game of tag, get the family together and get outdoors!

Make it fun

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! Set some goals for the family weekend walk through the Thornhill Park wetlands, maybe it’s a photography discovery, flora and fauna tour or old fashioned find the treasure! Meanwhile, you can reap the benefits of exercising in nature.

Take a break

Skip the lunch table, or take a break from your desk and go for a walk in the middle of the day. A great way to rejuvenate any sleepy minds and be ready to attack the second half of the day. Just don’t forget your lunch!

Outdoor gym

You don’t need complicated equipment or machines to get a good workout. Take the weights, fitness ball and skipping rope to the park for a truly nature-inspired sweat session. Before you know it, you might just start something regular with others in the community!

The Thornhill Park community empowers active and healthy lifestyles with an abundance of open space and parklands to explore. It’s time you made the move to find a better you! Find out how you can be a part of this thriving community by chatting to our friendly sales team .

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