The Welsh Group is committed to creating beautiful communities. As part of this commitment, it is essential to ensure that the quality of the homes in Thornhill Park reflect the quality of the community being created. The key purpose of the Design Guidelines is to achieve a consistently high standard of home. Building designs must comply with the Building Regulations of Victoria and the Melton Planning Scheme, which will be addressed by your building surveyor. The Thornhill Park Design Review Panel (DRP) process includes all proposed dwellings, garages, outbuildings and fencing. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Design Guidelines as it is ultimately your responsibility that your builder submits plans on your behalf that comply.

How to submit your plans

  1. Plans of all buildings should be submitted via email along with the completed checklist in Section 6 of the Guidelines to
  2. The submission of plans must include:
    1. A siting plan of the home on the lot with dimensions and setbacks from all boundaries, proposed fencing and driveway location;
    2. Floor plans that show the layout of the home indicating all rooms, windows, external doors, external fixtures and nominated floor levels;
    3. Full elevations indicating wall heights and all external finishes including garage door type;
    4. Relevant cross sections showing roof pitches, eaves depth and height of walls along the boundaries; colour selection (external only).

Plan approval

The DRP will review and approve plans that comply with the Guidelines within 10 working days.

Plan resubmission

Where plans do not comply with the Guidelines, the DRP will advise of issues. Revised plans should then be resubmitted to the DRP explaining changes for reassessment and approval. A third submission will attract a fee of $260 per additional submission.

Building permit

Following DRP approval, the purchaser will obtain a building permit from the Melton City Council or a licensed building surveyor.

Construction & Certificate of Occupancy

Once a building permit is issued, construction of your home may commence and a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued following completion of construction. The Thornhill Park Design Guidelines forms part of the Contract of Sale and contains a checklist of what needs to be submitted. Please familiarise yourself with this document.

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