There’s a simple real estate adage that always rings true when it comes to choosing where to live – location, location, location. Following this golden rule can maximise your quality of life, and also secure your investment opportunity.

When it comes to choosing where to live it’s a good idea to have a certainty around the suburbs you or your family want to live in. By narrowing down your search to specific suburbs, you’ll help remove post-purchase dissonance by having a strict perimeter of areas you’re comfortable living in.

Once you’ve got your list of suburbs that you’re considering, look at existing amenities in the area. Will you be close to public transport? Is there a local park for the kids to play in? What local schools are in the area? Will you have easy access to shops? All of these are important mod-cons for everyday living. If you’re looking at a growth area, get informed on the future amenities which will benefit the area, and understand the delivery timeframe so you can weigh up if it fits in your ‘need it now’ or ‘need it later’ decision making.

Being close by to everyday essentials is important, but it’s also important to factor in your other location ‘must-haves’. Maybe you want to be close to a gym, or a community centre with regular workshops and events. Your desired lifestyle is an important consideration when choosing where to live.

Additional to the location benefits within the suburb, equally important is choosing the right block of land within a master-planned development. You may opt for a north-facing block to maximise the natural climate in your home, or you may want a block that’s within walking distance to the train station. Whatever your selection, choose a block that will cater to a home design suitable to your living needs. For more advice on things to consider when buying a block of land, read our blog here.

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