If you’re planning your home for the first time, it might surprise you how important flooring is to the overall look of your home design. Do you prefer warm and welcoming, or scandi cool? Whatever your style, here are some durable flooring trends consider in your new home.


Mixing Earthy Materials

One of the most popular flooring trends is blending deep, earthy palettes like timber and marble. Some go for the mix of concrete, weathered timbers and vinyls. To give the space a softer look, incorporating carpets in deep charcoal makes the feel more inviting and cosy.


Imitating Natural Timber

Since natural timber floors can be a tad more expensive and harder to maintain, many people are looking for a perfect alternative. You can mimic natural timber with ceramics, laminate and vinyl floors. They realistically imitator timber, are easier to install and maintain and are resistant to water and abrasion.


Non-Traditional Timber Colours

For bold impact, many homeowners opt for dark stained woods or weathered-wood grey finishes. Choosing darker tones like espresso brown and deep blacks can make larger spaces seem cosier. Light blonde flooring, in contrast, makes a room seem bigger and brighter. If you want a more neutral calming feel, go for grey floors.


Image credit: Emerald by Granvue Homes – on display in our Display Village

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