Welsh Group is a proud sponsor of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club and is humbled to know their sponsorship provides the club with the resources to purchase new equipment, enhance the club’s public profile and make registration affordable for all families. Thornhill Park proudly sponsor the Rockbank Rams’ Junior and Senior Football teams.

We spoke with Simon Vannuccini, Rockbank Rams Sporting Club’s Sponsorship Coordinator, about the local sporting community.

How would you describe Rockbank Rams’ philosophy?

Rockbank Rams is founded upon a rich history expanding over 100 years. The sporting club’s philosophy is based on being a “Family, Friendly Club” for players, volunteers and the wider community.  The club embarked on a long-term strategy of establishing a zero tolerance to poor or negative behaviour, particularly as the club continues to re-establish its junior program for football, netball and cricket.

What values does the Rockbank Rams community share?

The club’s values are treat everyone with respect and dignity. No attitude, have a say, enjoy and have fun!

What goals do the Rockbank Rams have for 2018?

  • Establish a greater presence within the community with the support of the Welsh Group
  • Continue to grow and develop our junior ranks. This year we will field under 9 and under 11 mixed football
  • Further develop our coaches and support staff
  • Lift our recruitment of volunteers across senior and juniors
  • Grow female participation with the aim of establishing female football in 2019
  • Update our facilities
  • Light up our digital scoreboard

What can we expect for the sporting season ahead?

Our aim this season is to be a lot more competitive across all codes and grades on the football field and netball courts with the hope of playing finals. We’d also like to see many more kids trying out and giving it a go.  The club also anticipates for further success through our social events and our community initiatives.

In what way do sponsors help the running of the sport club?

Our sponsors are fundamental to the club’s success on and off field.  Whether through financial support or through agreed initiatives, the club cannot survive without the support of our sponsors. Our sponsors also help to us to create awareness for anyone wishing to play, volunteer or become social members.  And for social members, various sponsors promote discounts which provides savings to our members .

Specifically, what has the sponsorship provided by The Welsh Group helped the club achieve?

We have been appreciative of the support provided by the Welsh Group.  It has helped to increase youth participation by subsidising some of the registration fees which at times some families struggle to afford.  It has also helped the club to purchase equipment such as uniforms, balls and coaching supplies that would often be applied through grants.  Welsh Group’s sponsorship has also helped to lift the club’s profile through various marketing initiatives and events that we have participated in. The club has been nothing short of appreciative of the effort put in by the Welsh Group up to now.

The Welsh Group is excited to continue to contribute to the growth of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club. Both the Welsh Group and the community at Thornhill Park are rooting for the success of this family-oriented team throughout the 2018 season.

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