Welsh Group and Thornhill Park are proud to maintain a sense of community that involves the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club.  Engaging the community and encouraging inclusivity are values that both Welsh Group and the Rockbank Rams will continue to uphold and spread.

We continue our interview with Simon Vannuccini, the sponsorship coordinator of the sporting club, on the role that community involvement plays in the club’s success.

What benefits are there to belonging to a community that includes new estates like Thornhill Park?

Benefits range from the community being directly involved within a sporting club that helps to promote involvement through player or volunteer participation. It creates a sense of involvement with something that can help to achieve personal and team goals.  We can run programs that benefit young families such as the Easter Hunt held at Thornhill Park in March which was a huge success with over 100 children in attendance.

Why is it important to involve the community in the running of the sports club?

Any sporting club could not survive without the involvement of the community. The community is where grassroots begins.  The community can also help to influence changes that may help to improve the club. Together, we create a positive identity where people are drawn to settle in the area and get involved with the club.

How do you maintain a sense of community at Rockbank Rams?

We have an open-door policy and welcome anyone to join the club and involve themselves at any position whether as a player, committee member, volunteer or just as a social member to experience game day entertainment.  We promote a safe and friendly environment and encourage participation where their opinions are listened to.  We do not discriminate and welcome anyone wanting to join this great club.

How do you promote community involvement?

We promote through social media, website, flyers, working closely with the Welsh Group on various initiatives and in 2018 we are holding Auskick out at Wiltshire Park in Thornhill Park.

How do the Rockbank Rams give back to the community?

Previously the club has struggled in this area due to the lack of residents in the Rockbank area.  With an increase in residents of the area, such as Thornhill Park, we have started to discount Auskick and junior fees.

Are there any plans for redevelopment of facilities within the sporting club?

There are many areas we are looking to improve around the club to benefit players, members and visitors including the expansion of the football change rooms, refurbishment of the clubhouse, replacement of football goal posts and the establishment of a second floor/corporate box.

Are there any community events coming up?

The club is working on holding regular community engagement activities to be held at Thornhill Park, Bowery Deanside and at Welsh Group Oval.  Further information will be communicated but for now, anyone who would like to be notified or get involved with the club can reach out through the club website or register to our TeamApp (Rockbank Rams FSC)

The Welsh Group and Thornhill Park are excited to host more community-centred events that serve to grow the Rockbank Rams community and promote inclusivity.

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