Welsh Group are dedicated to ensuring the success of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the community at Thornhill Park and surrounding areas is important for both Welsh Group and the Rockbank Rams.

Here is the final instalment of our interview with Simon Vannuccini, Rockbank Rams’ sponsorship coordinator, where we discuss the importance of encouraging healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship habits.

How important is promoting a healthy lifestyle for the club?

Extremely important, as this sets the basis for how the club performs on and off field. It helps lessen sustained injuries, speeds up recovery from injuries and promotes more people to utilise the club facilities. We adopt a Good Sports presence, such as responsible serving of alcohol, offering free water and soft drinks to designated drivers and supporting healthy eating and drinking alternatives at club functions.

What defines a ‘successful sporting season’ for the Rockbank Rams?

A successful sporting season happens on and off the field. On field, it is ensuring the club upholds a positive profile and “giving it a go” attitude irrespective of the result. Off field, a successful sporting season can mean the ability to pay bills, running successful events and bringing families together, or having defined roles and recognition for volunteers. For over 100 years the club has the same goal in mind – be united and focused regardless of results.

How do you maintain the success of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club?

Supporting one another regardless of the challenges. Reminding ourselves that our time will come when the club will be recognised as a power house on and off the field. We encourage and support our players (of all ages and genders), coaches, trainers and volunteers and recognise them during various events. We listen to ideas and ways we can continuously improve the club profile and inner activities.

How can joining a sports team or club benefit children?

Joining a sports team provides the opportunity to play a sport you love whilst performing physical activity and improving your self-confidence. We have a few players that have played all their football career at the club. In 2017, Saxon Woodroffe played his 400th game of football for us and has grown to be a player, coach and a well-respected member of the club. In 2017, the under 10s struggled at the beginning from a lack of skill and self-confidence, but towards the end of the season and through support of their coach, Gavin Sporle and parents, it was evident their skills and confidence improved based on their on-field competitiveness and how they interacted off the field.

What motivates the Rockbank Rams?

Motivation can come in different forms, but our motivation is simple. We want to differentiate ourselves from other clubs in the area and league. We want to be recognised for what we stand for now and in the future, not for what we may have been recognised for previously. This means:

  • Encouraging young families and their children to be involved in the club
  • Watch the club continue to grow and evolve into a sporting club that everyone thinks of when they want to become involved in sports
  • Establishing our junior ranks in netball and football and growing these teams over the years to come
  • Expanding our reach into community initiatives
  • Growing our volunteer base

How important is a sense of comradery to the Rockbank Rams and how do you achieve it?

This aligns back to the club’s history and “Family, Friendly Club” philosophy. The Rams culture is strong, much stronger than other clubs I have personally been involved with. Everyone tends to back one another regardless of the challenge and result.

Welsh Developments are proud to help the Rockbank Rams promote a healthy lifestyle and positive sportsmanship for its Thornhill Park community.

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