As a valued resident of Thornhill Park, we wish to provide you with an update on several landscape packages we have either commenced or are planning on commencing.

From the outset, we apologise for not delivering these landscape packages earlier but regretfully, the impacts of COVID have severely disrupted the supply chain of materials and labour market.  We have since worked through these setbacks and are pleased to now confirm the following timings to complete the balance of landscape packages at Thornhill Park.

A summary of awarded and commenced landscape packages at Thornhill Park follows.

RB3 Waterway Oct 2021 Feb 2022 Aug 2022
Stage 17 Reserve Oct 2020 Oct 2020 May 2022
Town Centre Park Mar 2022 Apr 2022 July 2022
Avenger Waterway (P1 & P2) May 2022 May 2022 Nov 2022
Stage 28 Reserve May 2022 May 2022 Nov 2022

For those landscape packages we are still working through, we provide the following update.

RB3 Wetland

While the wetland reserve has more than sufficient detention volume to cater for Thornhill Park’s urban runoff, the absence of an outfall drain north of the freeway is prohibiting our ability to proceed with this landscape package due to the impact sustain inundation would have on any landscape.

In consultation with Melbourne Water and Melton Council, we are reviewing what landscape we can complete in the interim while Melbourne Water confirms its timing to provide the ultimate drainage solution that will enable completion of this landscape package.  We will continue to keep you updated on this timing.

Stage 16 Reserve

Regretfully, the delivery of this reserve has been severely disrupted by the impacts of COVID in respect of the timely supply of materials and labour.  We are working through these issues with the aim to commence works in July 2022.

Naturestrip and Street Trees

While all naturestrips and street trees have been installed, many have been destroyed during the building phase of homes and we are progressing reinstating those that are beyond repair.

We thank you for your patience while we work through these outstanding issues impacting on our ability to complete the balance of landscape packages at Thornhill Park.  We will continue to keep you updated via the Thornhill Park website.

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