Spring is the perfect time to be inspired and start planning the landscaping of your new garden at Thornhill Park.

Understanding your new home site will help inform the design process. The Shire of Melton has a temperate climate with a natural geology of basalt-derived clay soil; choosing hardy species with low water requirements and using imported topsoil will ensure better plant growth rates.

There are numerous garden themes you can adopt to create a cohesive design for your garden, but to create a strong design it is important to follow some basic design rules:

  • Limit your plant palette in species, colour and foliage type
  • Use single species in narrow linear area, particularly when screening
  • Consider the ultimate height and width of plants you are choosing
  • Create interest by layering plants and providing plants of various height, colour and foliage type
  • Create focal points
  • Use plants that provide seasonal change
  • Avoid paths hard against buildings

Ask your builder for a scaled plan of your house and land to allow you to design your garden and ensure you create a functional and beautiful outdoor space.

To ensure attractive and sustainable streetscapes, today and in years to come, Thornhill Park has come up with a Landscaping Style Guide to help with planning your new garden, with consideration to include native fauna more suited to the temperate climate and geology of the area.

View the Landscaping Style Guide on pages 12-21 in the Thornhill Park Design Guidelines which can be downloaded here.

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