Featuring Lapis by Granvue Homes, on display at Thornhill Park. 

Lighting has the ability to transform the look and feel of any room. Whether it’s a soft glow to create a relaxing space or a concentrated light that’s positioned to create a focal point, mood lighting is a popular element in modern homes. Here are some lighting options you can explore when styling your new home:  

Lighting for Ambience  

Ambient lighting is the primary source of light in a room and provides general illumination, whilst making any space feel welcoming and comfortable. They can be good for effect, whether you want to create a warm glow in your living room or improve the sense of depth in a space, offering illumination without the discomfort of excessive glare.  

There are many fixtures that can be explored to achieve ambiance in your living spaces. Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, for example, can turn your kitchen into an elegant space. They come in varying stylesx, from industrial and modern to abstract and vintage.  


A superb use of hanging pendant lights from one of Burbank Homes’ well-designed kitchens. 

Chandeliers are also great for thematic lighting in any space with high ceilings or lots of head-room. Ceiling chandeliers provide a dramatic lighting option and serve as a decorative centrepiece. They’re usually perfect in dining areas and foyers.  


Metricon Homes knows how to nail the use of chandelier in this beautiful dining area.  

Other ambient light choices include wall sconces and recessed lights across the ceiling.  

When installing ambient lighting fixtures, it’s important to consider the sense of balance in the room, not focusing all the light fixtures at one end of a large room or overpowering a small room with too many lights.  

Accent Lighting  

Accent light fixtures are primarily for decorative purposes, and can be seen as a statement piece of furniture, or highlight a certain feature in a room, such as a textured wall or a magnificent painting.  

Wall lights can bring emphasis to desired focal points of a room, such as a fireplace. They’re also great at illuminating a house plant, producing illuminating shadows.  


 A fireplace from one of Carlisle Homes’ beautiful living rooms features wall lights.  

You can also try accent bedside lamps to draw the eyes to a statement wall, or down lights to any living space, to provide a practical lighting solution.  

Accent lamp for bedside from Evolve Homes, on display at Thornhill Park. 

While it’s easy to just put lights anywhere, paying close attention to details can help accent lights to provide the best results. Consider the proximity of the accent lamp to the significant object you’re wanting it to highlight and ensure the amount of light it gives off is ideal for your needs. It’s also important to consider the direction of the light it radiates. Is it upwards, downwards or sideways? Accent lighting allows you to play with shadows and reflections on the walls and ceilings.  

Task Lighting  

Task lights exist to enable you to perform a certain function, such as reading in bed or working at a desk. 

Some commonly used task lighting fixtures include table lamps, reading lamps, desk lamps and full-spectrum lamps, as well as smaller pendant lamps and swag lights that are positioned over seating areas.  


One way to use task lighting. Photo from HomeSolution by Metricon Homes, on display at Thornhill Park. 

Task lighting fixtures are not used all the time, only when you’re performing the specific task for which they are intended. Positioning is highly important when installing task lights.  

Fairhaven Homes features this stunning lamp from Jardan Furniture.  

Experts say that the best lighting schemes are achieved when a mix of different lighting types at different levels work together for functionality and aesthetics.  

Are you in need of some lighting inspiration? Explore our display village and see how some of Melbourne’s best home builders make use of lighting options.  

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