An ideal home requires more than just a spacious floorplan and a neighbourhood park. Accessible amenities, safety and security, a sense of community and convenient lifestyle opportunities are all important in a masterplanned community.

So what are some other important benefits of living in a masterplanned community, like Thornhill Park?

Accessible Amenities

Masterplanned communities place everything you need at your fingertips. Amenities like shopping centres, schools, medical facilities and parks are all planned in advance. They will also pre-plan connectivity features such as roads, wetlands and walking and biking paths that seamlessly connect residents to facilities, making it easy to move around.

Sense of Neighbourhood and Community

Most masterplanned communities foster a sense neighbourhood and community. A strong sense of community encourages interaction between neighbours, and the establishment of relationships and community groups, which creates excellent lifestyle opportunities.

Good Investment

Homes within a masterplanned community often need to meet the high standards set by the land developer. This not only ensures picturesque and clean streetscapes, but a neighbourhood that is of a high-quality, making homes within the community much more appealing if you’re looking to sell in years to come. If your home is situated within a dynamic masterplanned community like Thornhill Park, you can can rest assured that its value will appreciate over time.

Green and Open Spaces

Natural, open spaces are a key consideration in most masterplanned communities – especially at Thornhill Park. Families can enjoy active lifestyles, with an abundance of recreation parks, playgrounds and trails located close to home.

Thornhill Park is built with community top of mind. Here residents can enjoy a healthy, convenient and balanced lifestyle.

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