The City of Melton is bustling with events and activities all year round. For our new parents at Thornhill Park, we’ve compiled a list of community groups you and your little ones can join in for an ultimate local experience.


Mini Maestros

If you’re looking for music-related activities that will nurture your children’s learning journey, then Mini Maestros may be the perfect fit. This music program offers fun and educational music classes for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Children are encouraged to build confidence through the joyful discovery of music. The program also seeks to enhance their development with dancing, singing, percussion instruments and musical games.

Location: Springside Community Centre, Becca Way, Caroline Springs.


The Yummy Mummy Club Melton

Busy mothers will be pleased to learn about the Yummy Mummy Club Melton. With its team of qualified physiologist, nutritionists and personal trainers, this club exists to help mums who want to get into shape, feel more energised and become stronger and healthier. You’ll be given a straight-forward and effective plan tailored for mothers of all ages, to assist you in achieving a healthy body. The Yummy Mummy Club teaches a holistic lifestyle change that easily fits into your hectic schedule, incorporates your whole family and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Location: Bridge Road Sports Pavilion, 82 Bridge Road, Melton South.


Toddler Time at the Library

Having an active toddler requires focus, energy and a lot of opportunities to bond. Why not let them participate in an interactive program where they can engage in all areas of childhood development? Since toddlers are in the stage of life where learning language is at its peak, Toddler Time at the Library can help them achieve this through storytelling, singing and reading together.

Location:  Melton Library, 31 McKenzie Street, Melton.

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