Dropping temperatures can dampen your mood but you can make your home warm and cheerful this winter with these cosy styling trends.


Dark Tones for Warmth  

Pictured: Emerald by Granvue Homes. On display at Thornhill Park.

Rich saturated colours like greens, reds and oranges can alter the overall feel of your home. Layer up dark shades of green for your bedding or jewel tones for your rugs to channel texture and warmth. For a more cost effective solution, you can purchase new homewares or small decorative pieces to incorporate these colour palettes.


Transform with Floral

Pictured: Lincoln by Evo Homes. On display at Thornhill Park.

Big floral prints in pretty tones of blush can add a romantic element for the cold, winter months. Make your space look instantly fresh with a touch of floral with wall art, wallpaper or tablescapes.


Elegant in Velvet

Pictured: Lapis by Granvue Homes. On display at Thornhill Park.

Rich velvet is a big statement-maker. Soft to the touch and visually appealing, velvet can come in warm and welcoming colours to liven up your home in winter. While a statement sofa is a great choice, as a more cost-effective option you can opt for plain velvet cushions or a velvet throw in pretty tones.


Inspired by Nature

Pictured: Lincoln by Nostra Homes. On display at Thornhill Park.

Fill the corners of your room with houseplants for a perfect decorative element. They add a cheerful touch to your space while also filtering the air. Hardy indoor plants or a bunch of flowers can transform dreary corners into a sunny place.

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