Summer is the perfect time to entertain outdoors, or simply enjoy a retreat in your own backyard. So, if outdoor living is your thing, we’ve got some tips to add to your wish list when designing your new home:



Furniture isn’t just for your indoor living necessities. Furniture can add a sense of personality to your outdoor living space, and you won’t be short on inspiration or options to style to your taste. An outdoor setting means you can enjoy a casual meal in fresh air, and a lounge setting adds to a more relaxed affair. Plus, you can also accessorise with cushions and throws, or even decorate as you would inside the home, with many outdoor accessory options created out of weather-durable fabrics and materials.


Heating and Cooling

Just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to withstand the heat in summer or cold in winter. There are many outdoor heating and cooling options to give you climate comfort year-round. Outdoor fans are not only functional, but can provide a statement ceiling piece to your alfresco area. Similarly, fire pits are becoming a must-have backyard trend and will keep you warm in winter.


Outdoor Cooking

For the MasterChef enthusiast or BBQ fanatic, an outdoor kitchen may be a dream come true, and different options are available for different needs and budgets. Opt for a big scale set-up with all the bells and whistles with outdoor sink access and a place for the mini-bar. Or create a simpler set-up that allows space for an outdoor frying plan or grill, or even pizza oven, with a dedicated spot for your BBQ. Is there anything better than enjoying a freshly cooked sausage right off the BBQ in the summer sun?


Faux Grass

A lasting trend that looks good and is low-maintenance, synthetic turf will keep your backyard tidy and won’t require mowing. Combined with your landscaped yard, this is a simple and effective way to create your own oasis in your own backyard.

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