Victoria’s Metropolitan Planning Authority ensures each suburb is superbly designed, with opportunities for employment and amenities like ample open space, community facilities, a town centre and local services, through the creation of Precinct Structure Plans (PSP). 

Approved by the Minister for Planning in 2016, the Paynes Road PSP applies to 199 hectares of land that surrounds Thornhill Park. 

At Thornhill Park, you’ll find a home that’s conveniently located to a range of facilities and amenities, enabling residents to enjoy flawless connectivity to some of Victoria’s most popular attractions.  

The ongoing Paynes Road PSP has also set in place the creation and expansion of various developments that will ultimately enhance convenience for Thornhill Park residents. Some of these include:  

Rebuilding of Rockbank Station  

As part of the Ballarat Line Upgrade, Rockbank train station will be rebuilt to cater for the growing community. It’s planned to have more than 350 car parks, enhanced access for buses and pedestrians, upgraded security and improved lighting and landscaping. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, according to the Regional Rail Revival Ballarat. The extensive works include the demolition of the existing station and the construction of two new platforms. An accessible pedestrian overpass that links the two platforms will also be implemented.  

Infrastructure Delivery  

The Paynes Road PSP places a great deal of emphasis on mobility and connectivity for residents. In line with this, the plan aims to create direct connections to the Western Freeway via a new half-diamond interchange at Mount Cottrell Road. In fact, a new six-lane arterial road connecting the Western Freeway and Greigs Road is part of the $220 million development upgrade plan, along with three government primary schools and a government secondary school. Residents can also expect to enjoy four new local sports reserves, all with pavilions and a regional sports reserve in the future.  

Waterways and Wetlands  

The PSP will enable neighbourhoods to be connected by waterways and wetlands, with a dedicated conservation area along Paynes Road. This will create an urban development that establishes attractive walking trails in and around the neighbourhood to perfectly showcase the beautiful surrounds. The planned wetlands in Thornhill Park arecurrently underway. The very first wetlands are expected to be completed this summer.  

See our infographic to learn more about Paynes Road PSP’s key objectives:


For more information on the Paynes Road PSP, visit this website.

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