Great news for Thornhill Park commuters with the announcement major funding boost towards Victoria’s Regional Rail package. Prime Minster Malcom Turnbull stated:

“I want to say that I think the vast majority of Victorians would be delighted to see the Federal Government and the State Government working together on regional rail infrastructure and delighted to see this additional money.”

The funding will cover $555.6 million for upgrades to the Ballarat rail line and the Victorian Government keen to put money to work “straight away.” Upgrades to the Ballarat Line mean a major facelift for the Rockbank Station.

Rockbank’s existing platforms will be extended and a sealed car park will also be built. The extension of the platforms will enable passengers to use any carriage to get on or off the train. With transport options like the future Rockbank Station, right on your doorstep, getting to and from work is now that much more accessible.

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