Also known as upside down homes, reverse living home designs have been a growing trend in Australia.

While traditional double-storey homes tend to place the living and dining areas on the ground floor, reverse living home designs bring them upstairs. The change in layout brings several opportunities for homeowners in terms of lifestyle and home enjoyment.

If you’re considering the layout of your home, here are some benefits of a reverse living design:

Sustainable Living

Since reverse homes place your living spaces on the second floor, you’ll be able to enjoy maximised natural light during the daytime. This setup can also take advantage of breezes, making cross-ventilation easily achievable and contributing in keeping your home cool during summer. The enhanced natural light and ventilation achieved when living spaces are located on the second floor of your home will help to lessen your energy consumption and lower your bills all year round.

Zoned Spaces

A reverse living design offers abundant space for a balanced lifestyle, allowing for both privacy and family bonding space. It’s especially ideal for families with teenagers or independent older children, since turning the bottom floor into a space for bedrooms, gaming, and entertainment will provide more freedom and privacy. Zoned spaces like this can put a buffer between private spaces and living areas.

Maximised Views

If your property is surrounded by beautiful views then you may like to take advantage of them by flipping your floorplans. Not only does it offer stunning scapes for your living and entertainment spaces, it can also result in increased value if you decide to sell down the track.

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