The Welsh Group is the major sponsor of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club and is excited for the netball and football seasons ahead.  Here we talk with Simon Vannuccini, the sponsorship co-ordinator, about the essence of the club.

Firstly, the Welsh Group is very proud supporters of the Rockbank Rams Sporting Club and love your motto: ‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’  What does that motto mean to you?

This motto resonates strongly with me and the club because motivation is the ‘Want”, the want to achieve something and the habit is the ‘Doing” and all of which originates from having a purpose and desire towards a positive outcome.

As a relatively new member of the club, I joined last season with the sole intention of playing football as the club was struggling with players. Unfortunately, I succumbed to an injury which ruled me out for the remainder of the season. This was actually a blessing in disguise as I was approached by the club with the opportunity of joining the committee as the Sponsorship Coordinator. Leveraging on my profession and work experience, I quickly implemented strategies and ideas helping the club raise funds. This extended to me building a brand new website with the focus of lifting the club’s profile, adding new functionally, and showcasing our presence in the community. The website also helped to acknowledge our sponsors and provide useful information for our current and future member’s including sponsorship information, memberships, social and community event announcements.

With any club, its existence is heavily dependent on finances even for not for profit organisations such as ours. Funds help to pay league fees, cover operating costs, etc. These funds can come from members, sponsors, grants, fundraisers and social events. This year the club subsidised junior fees to offer families of junior player’s affordable options.

I continue to work alongside my fellow committee members who I value and respect as we continue to improve the club. This extends to adopting revised rules, policies and guidelines that everyone involved in the club must adhere to. Ultimately, our focus is to make Rockbank Rams a place where people want to have a positive experience and we have implemented a zero tolerance policy. Players have also jumped at the chance to have more involvement in various initiatives within the club which helps to alleviate pressures off the committee.

Rams has a real sense of community about the club, why do you think that feeling is so strong?

Last year, our Football seniors and reserves won one game but there was a key factor amongst this, the players, coaches, committee and volunteers remained banded together. We tasted much better results in Netball with the ladies winning a few games throughout the season but regardless, the morale in the club always remained strong and positive.

There was one specific instance when an official from the opposing team asked me how in the face of losing week-to-week, the club remained positive. My response was that even in the face of defeat, we had a strong on and off field comradery where we would eventually taste success. This was prominent when our reserves won their only game of the season and both reserves and seniors combined in the rooms prior to the senior game to sing the club song in unison.

The club’s motivation also resonates from the people and no one is more passionate at our club than the President Mark Smith; also affectedly referred to as ‘Smitty’. For years, he has been the backbone to this great club and a well-known figure amongst other clubs. The other person to mention is our Operations Manager and last year’s senior coach Gavin Sporle, who devotes a considerable amount of his time towards helping the club reach its objectives and potential. Without his work, we would be struggling.

We are also excited with the major development of the Rockbank area which is transforming into a highly populated locality with the hope that more and more people from the community will be attracted to the club. This excites the club because growing the population may attract volunteers to the club. Volunteers are the backbone and fundamental to performing those tasks and activities which often are overlooked and taken for granted for but extremely important.

Any upcoming community events you can tell us about?

We plan to hold some community based fundraisers and hope to utilise the new estates as opportunities to reach out to the community.

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