With the rise of open-plan living spaces in many homes, a pantry that unclutters the kitchen is becoming just as essential as your salt and pepper shakers. Here are some pantry hacks to help you maximise your pantry space with minimal fuss.

Know Your Pantry Type

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Some people prefer integrating a wall pantry within existing kitchen cabinetry, while others prefer the luxury of a walk-in butler’s pantry. It’s even become quite fashionable to install wall-to-wall exposed shelving. The best type of pantry to feature in your kitchen comes down to personal preference, as well as the kitchen space and size you are working with. Whichever pantry-type you choose, it’s a great idea to organise it for convenience and efficiency.

Make a Plan

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Planning where to designate your pantry’s contents is a great starting point. Do you want specific areas for baking, condiments and spices? Do you want to keep your utensils near the stove? Practical and considered planning will ultimately make your kitchen more functional, and also allow for enhanced use of space.

Prepare Useful Storage

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The storage of your foods is just as important as their organisation. For example, it’s ideal to store dry goods in mason jars or other types of air-tight containers to keep moisture away and make them last longer. Using clear glass jars makes it easier to find particular ingredients, as you can avoid rummaging through packets of spices, nuts and grains.

Organise According to Needs

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It’s most convenient when your food, utensils and other kitchen equipment are easy to find, and are located in areas relevant to their use. For example, store items that you often use towards the front of shelves, and within easy reach. Place the ones you rarely use toward the back and on higher shelves that are more out of the way.

Other tricks to make your pantry a dream:

  • Set up racks on the back of your pantry door to hold small items and optimise storage spaces.
  • Floating shelves can help organisation as they can hold a variety of things within eyesight, making it easier for you to access a particular item when you need it.
  • Consider the lighting options for your pantry. This is especially important for walk-in pantries which can be dark, making it difficult to find what you need. If installing a light-switch isn’t feasible, perhaps a battery-operated or sensor light may suit your needs.

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