A house is more than just a place where you reside. It’s a place that allows self-expression in the form of architecture, interior design, furniture and art. Your home needs to cater for your family’s unique needs, as well as appeal to your ow n individual aesthetic. Achieving a home that is both functional and stylish is possible with the right inspiration, creativity and commitment. Enhance your home by adding these stand out features.

Statement Furniture

Lapis by Granvue. On display at Thornhill Park.

There’s nothing like unique and distinctive furniture to make a statement. Pieces with irregular or unexpected lines and curves give additional character to any room. This effect can also be achieved by making use of daring, bold colours to attract the eye. Think of gorgeous upholstered chairs in playful patterns or a deep purple velvet sofa.

Accent Wall

Image source: Burbank Homes Instagram Page

If you want to transform the feel and the mood of your room, then you can’t go wrong by adding an accent wall. This type of statement piece is great for adding character and charm to spaces that may be slightly lacklustre. Accent walls can help transform dim-lit spaces into bright and vibrant statements. You can even create the illusion of wider space in a skinny room by opting for cool tones of blues, greens and purples. You don’t have to stop with colour; incorporating and experimenting with patterns, textures and materials can further exaggerate your feature wall. Stone, brick, slate and wood help to bring the outdoors in. Let your personality and creativity shine.

Mood Lighting

Image source: Burbank Homes Instagram Page

This element often goes unconsidered when decorating homes. But, lighting has an influence over the ambience of your spaces, in both a subtle and major ways. Evoke a romantic feel by lowering overall lighting levels and subduing colours, or make a room feel larger and more open by maximising natural light or including brighter lighting options.

Geometric Features

Image source: Fairhaven Homes Instagram Page

Growing in popularity, geometric patterns are an appealing trend that add dimension and shapely structure to a room. This effect can be incorporated into your home design through a multitude of ways, such as custom-made furniture or geometric wall décor that feature contrasting colours, textures, and even shapes. You can complement your modern, angular living room by adding a touch of roundedness in the form of a flower vase, a nook table or even a circular mirror. Add visual flair to your neutral spaces by integrating geometric art and design in your kitchen backsplash or living room floor.

Avant Garde Colours

Springwood by Carlisle Homes. On display at Thornhill Park.

One of the most integral parts of the avant-garde style is colour. The avant-garde style leaves behind muted shades, and instead embraces vivid and distinctive hues like sunflower yellow, magenta, teal, lime and purple. Create a colour contrast by applying this on your cupboards, open shelves and even furniture for a modern and unique design.

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