Thanks to technological advancements, along with building a “traditional” home, you might also be considering building a “smart” home. Australians have already started embracing the Internet of Things, with 40% of households owning at least one internet-connected device. Take a look at some of the home tech devices available to smarten up your new home:


Google Home

A fun and useful gadget, Google Home is an artificially intelligent digital assistant that responds to your voice. At a command, this device can remind you of appointments, read the morning’s news headlines, answer your questions and play music. Kids can even ask the AI assistant to play games, like trivia, to keep them occupied. Eating out is also made easier with Google Assistant finding your nearest restaurants and can even make a reservation for you.


Sonos Sound System

Listening to music anywhere in your house is made possible with the wireless Sonos system. Its multi-room functionality will mean you can now stream music while taking care of laundry or doing a barbecue in the backyard.  Sonos supports a variety of streaming services and local media libraries, giving you a range of choices for music, which you can even group differently for every room.


Telstra Smart Home

Australia’s largest telecom company has launched its Smart Home range of gadgets with a promise to make your life easier. Everything is controlled from your smartphone meaning you can monitor your house while you’re away and make your appliances more energy efficient. The beauty of this is that you can turn on your air conditioner on your way home from work. You can also get notified whenever a door is opened while you’re away from home.

How are you going to introduce technology into your new home?

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