Here, you will be able to lodge applications for your fencing and landscaping.

Whilst we are still finalising the landscaping aspect of this portal, you can now lodge your applications to receive free fencing, if applicable. To find out if you can receive free fencing, visit our Purchaser’s Guide to Thornhill Park for more details.

Please see below the step-by-step process to lodge for free fencing using the portal.  

  1. Log in to community Portal at the top of the homepage
  2.  Select request fencing installation
  3. Fill in details and attach certificate of occupancy
  4. Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email
  5. One of the team members at THP will then assess your application (including C of O, purchaser name and lot details). If there are any discrepancies, THP will be in contact to rectify.
  6. Once accepted, you will be notified of your estimated install date, within 30 days of application submission.

For security reasons, it may be worthwhile to accept handover of your home after the fencing has been installed. We suggest talking to your builder about issuing your Certificate of Occupancy as early as possible to ensure your fencing is installed prior to the building settlement.

You are required to install your own side fence/gate (return from fence to dwelling). With the exception of medium density product, front fencing forward of the dwelling is not permitted. Full detail on the fencing requirements are set out in section 3.10 of the Thornhill Park Design Guidelines and also your Contract of Sale.

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