Do you know how we get your lot ready for you and your neighbours to build your dream home? What is the construction process for a land estate to turn a paddock into a thriving community?

We want to give our purchasers an holistic understanding of what is involved, and a better view of how their stage is really tracking in the construction process. To help, we’ve created a 7-phase timeline which commences for each stage once council have provided all of the required plan approvals.

Phase 1: Earthworks

The first stage of the construction process is completing earthworks prior to installation of any drainage or services. During this phase, the focus is clearing topsoil and levelling the site. This earthworks process can vary from adding/removing soil or breaking through the harder rock in order to prepare the land for the coming phases.


Phase 2: Drainage 

Once the earthworks are level, the digging and laying of the deepest assets can commence. These larger services start with the sewer pipes and installation of the storm water network that rely on their depth and gravity to clear away from the roads and your future home.

Phase 3: Connection of Services

Shallower services come next. The installation of these services allow your future home to be ‘connected’. Each lot will be installed with water, gas and electrical line connections in addition to fibre optics (internet).

Phase 4: Roads and Concrete Works

Although the majority of the services have now been installed, this is where you’ll notice the major changes within the stage. Your future lot will start to take shape with roads, kerbs, footpaths, driveways, light poles and finally topsoil are all completed. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to commence your own build journey and meet your future neighbours!


Phase 5: Practical Completion and Compliance

On completion of works, Council will issue a Practical Completion certificate. Although it may seem like your lot is ready to build on, there is still an extensive amount of authority inspections and testing required before receiving statement of compliance (SOC). This includes testing the sewer, drainage, water, gas, electrical and fibre optic services. This process usually takes 6 weeks, but can vary depending on the requirements of each authority.

Phase 6: Titles

Once statement of compliance has been achieved, the overall stage plan can be submitted to the Land Titles Office where they will review and allocate a title for each individual lot.

Phase 7: Settlement

Congratulations! 14 days after titles have been issued, you can finally commence the build of your future home at Thornhill Park.


For any questions regarding your land or titles, please contact Community Relations by emailing

To stay up to date with the progress of your stage, be sure you check out our monthly construction updates on our community page. 

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