Thornhill Staff Profile
Sam Martinez

Hi Sam, can you tell us what your role entails?

As an estate sales consultant for Thornhill Park my role covers a variety of day to day tasks with no shortage of things to do, some of these things include:
–    Meeting and greeting new families who enter our estate office. Once I begin to receive key information about what a purchaser is looking for in their home and land purchase and which factors are most important to them, I’m able to provide them relevant solutions as to which blocks of land within Thornhill Park will work best to meet all of their needs.
–    Maintaining a positive network and relationship with various people around Thornhill Park such as finance companies, conveyancing services and our builder partners is also one of the most important roles I have. All of these people come together to further ensure a buyers purchase in Thornhill Park is a very comfortable, simple and easy process.

What are buyers generally looking for in a new community and/or development?

In a brand new community and/or development buyers are always looking for four key things:
1)    Amenities such as schools and shops
2)    Active open spaces / parks for themselves, other family members and household pets
3)    A friendly environment to live and raise their family in
4)    Accessibility to the CBD, whether it be through simple direct freeway access, or public transport such as metro trains.

These 4 things are all on offer through Thornhill Park, and is a large reason as to why Thornhill Park has been the location of choice for hundreds of families who have purchased from all across of Melbourne and interstate too.

How does Thornhill Park provide ‘something for everyone’?

The Thornhill Park development does truly provide something for absolutely everyone.

The future mixed use and town centre will provide all the essentials for every single family in the community, from grocery stores and day care facilities, to retail stores and restaurants.

Our various parks and active open spaces situated on both sides of the estate will be perfect for young kids to play, for active people to get outdoors, for pets to run around and for large families to gather.

The future Thornhill Park dedicated train station will provide the perfect access for all members of the community to make their way into Melbourne’s CBD whether it be for daily work, weekend entertainment, social catch ups or special occasions.

Our two future primary schools will be of most importance to our younger families moving into the estate, to ensure their children build strong foundations in their education. Thornhill Park’s location through the western corridor also provides easy access to nearby surrounding secondary schools which are currently operating, along with the Rockbank Primary School, which will take those children living within Thornhill Park estate, while we are constructing our two primary schools.

For future investors or those who have already purchased land and are yet to decide on their preferred home builder, Thornhill Park will also provide an amazing builders’ display village that will be opened later this year to showcase some of Australia’s best builders and assist purchasers in choosing the right home for them and their families.

What do you think buyers will love about living at Thornhill Park?

What buyers will love about living in Thornhill Park is that they are part of a strong, friendly, family based community, made up of all different ages and backgrounds. The amount of space which has been dedicated to parks and active areas throughout the estate is phenomenal with no shortage of room for people and pets to go outside and meet their neighbours.

They will also love the future train station, as it will connect them to all that the Melbourne CBD has to offer throughout the night and day.

What excites you about working at Thornhill Park?

Working at Thornhill Park means that no two days are ever the same.

Every single person who walks through the office door, makes a phone call, sends an email, or registers an online enquiry through our website, is looking for something different, and being able to assist each and every one of those purchasers in finding the perfect option that meets their specific needs, is the most exciting and rewarding feeling.

Want to chat with Sam or a member of our team?

Phone 1300 001 687
Visit Our Sales Suite
Located at the Corner of Paynes Rd
and Western Freeway, Rockbank
Open 7 days 11AM-6PM

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