A child’s bedroom should be a sanctuary where they can play, learn and dream. Choosing the right furniture and accessories to transform their room into something warm, and comforting is easily doable, especially with these design and decoration trends for inspiration:

Gender Neutral

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Gender-neutral bedroom designs have become particularly popular in recent years. This look can be achieved using wooden materials and furniture with soft neutral tones. You can also play with colours like mint, custard, lime green or turquoise to make it fresh and fun. Gender neutral rooms can be kept quite simple and understated, allowing children to add their own personality as they continue to grow. This will also make it easier to renovate and redecorate in the future with their input on style. The important thing is that the room can grow with them.

The Minimalist

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Children, with their boundless energy, often prefer bedrooms that maximise space, so keeping their room uncluttered and not cramped by too much furniture is essential. Keeping storage areas to the outer edges of the room to give your child plenty of space to play is always wise.

Wallpaper for Impact

Image source: Carlisle Homes

Wallpaper is a great way to make a statement and reflect your child’s personality. We recommend choosing a single wall to feature the wallpaper, like the wall behind the headboard. Its also important to consider the mood you and your child would like for the space. If you’re looking to achieve a vibrant and lively space, then bright colours may suit best. If a more relaxing and calming space is desired, go for soothing and muted tones.

Homework Station

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Putting a homework station in your child’s room is a smart idea. The trick is to make sure the space is both practical and fun, so your child feels energised and excited to do their homework. Try to keep supplies accessible but distractions to a minimum. As well as a desk and a chair, you might add storage areas and a vibrant desk lamp.

Themed Bedrooms

Image source: Metricon Instagram Page

The theme of the room is usually the first consideration when designing bedrooms. Creating a themed space can be a fun and creative way to design and decorate your child’s room. Since it’s their space, it makes sense to style it in a way that highlights their unique interests. The most popular bedroom themes include various sports themes, unicorn flair, jungle safari and outer space. You can achieve these themes through wallpaper, wall décor, cushions and bedding.

Designing your children’s bedroom can also be fun and fulfilling activity. If you’re in need of some interior inspiration, visit our display village and discover the beautiful designs from some of Melbourne’s best home builders.

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